Saturday, July 7, 2012

BDR Mutinee update news in Bangladesh

BDR Mutinee had happened in 2009, 25 March. In the incident total 74 including 57 army officers were killed. Though it is passing more than 3 years but the trial is still running on. Recently a news has been published from Human Right Watch( HRW). Following the statement of HRW  different newspapers has reacted differently. Lets' see the different headlines from different newspaper from the below lists.

 From The Hindu newspaper it  said on July 4 2012 that according to HRW, at least 47 border guards have died in custody because of “torture like beatings and giving electric shocks in custody”.

According to The
The New York-based group's Asia director, Brad Adams, called the trial process "fundamentally flawed" and said suspects have been interrogated in secret locations by security agencies.
"The government must close all unofficial and secret places of detention," he said

According to the BBC News:" Human rights groups have repeatedly criticised the authorities for the deaths of about 50 mutiny suspects in custody, which the government has said is because of heart attacks or other natural causes."

To see more comments about BDR Mutiny you can visit Google based news link about BDR Mutiny news on July 04

After reading the above news about BDR(Bangladesh Rifles) Mutinee in Bangladesh it is clear that BDR mutinee trial should be closed because the judgement system is violation of minimum human rights. I personally agree with that news.

BDR force is our proud. They have strong contribution in independence war in 1971. Bangladesh is not a military country. So we do not want to see the military unjustice on BDR members. Though it is not clear who are responsible of that mutinee but why only BDR members will face trial? There's may be political involvement or there's may be third country's involvement.

During the custody period dieing of 47 boarder guards has really shocked us. It is clear violation of human rights. Before proper judgement we nobody has right to kill anybody. Islam also do not support it. Will Hasina's Government care it?