Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bangla Motor Traffic Signal Situation

Dhaka city  traffic Signal in some crossing moor s is more than 20-30 minutes.
Traffic signal duration in some areas of Dhaka city is too long. People are fed up on traffic police to see this kind of partial role in the street.  People are to wait at a stretch 20-30 minutes in a single signal.  Bangla motor is a traffic signal among others where people have to wait 20-35 minutes in a single signal.

Bus communication in Dhaka city is very poor. There are no enough air conditioned bus services in the city. So, people have to struggle a lot in the bus.  Excessive passenger loading in the bus than its actual capacity makes people’s life more bitterness and distressed. On the other hand long time traffic signal duration really a miserable and intolerable situation to the bus passengers.

Banglamotor to shahabag and hair road are VIP road. So, this turn is very important to the traffic police. Police are the slave of Government. Traffic police always try to keep clear this road because the minister, secretary and other VIP persons travel in these roads. On the other hand banglamotor to  Hatipool  is the road for rickshaw and bus passengers only.  So, people’s problems  are neglected here in this turn of this crossing moor. There is equal distributed time period in the traffic system but the police stops 6-10 signal for banglamotor to hatirpool turn.

Only victims know how stressful to stay in the over crowded bus. Common people’s life is restricted in the road. Though it is said the Bangladesh is a democratic country but in the real field it is not seen in the street of Dhaka city. It really shocks people’s mind.

Solution- A underpass or a short flyover can remove this problem easily. So, on the behalf of Dhaka dwellers I will expect to the respective authority that they will take proper and necessary action to remove unexpected harassments of common people at the Bangla motor crossing moor as well as other crossing point of Dhaka city.