Sunday, June 10, 2012

ISO Certification in Bangladesh

ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization. Head Quarter is in Geneva, Switzerland. To ensure about customer requirements and maintain product's quality the Organization has been working since  February 23, 1947. Details idea can be found from here

For Internal benefit, customer satisfaction and filling up buyers requirement various ISO standards are abide by various organization worldwide. Bangladesh is not far from that process. Many top level Organizations are ISO Certified in Bangladesh. As an example Square is the number one Pharmaceuticals Company in Bangladesh who are continuously adopting ISO standard. ISO standard gives a lot of benefit to a Organization. On the other hand it ensures customers satisfaction.

There are few International ISO Certification bodies in Bangladesh. They are meeting Bangladeshis Organization's demand of ISO Certification which facilitate International access of Bangladeshi products. Bureau of Assessment Services (UK) Ltd is one of them. This Company has been working in Bangladesh to provide ISO certificate in various Industrial sectors.

This Company has most experienced Lead Auditors/ Auditors and experienced staffs and technical reviewers who are trained on ISO standards. BAS is very well known name for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in Bangladesh. To get ISO certificate and for quality assessment you can contact with it's agent Mr Md Abdul Halim at 01742125232 or you can email him . To add extra value for your Organization you can consider this Certification Body "BAS" to work with you.

Why ISO Certification?
It assures the world class standard of Quality Management System in
your Organization.
It reduces production cost.
It improves the quality of your products and services.
It extends International market.
It attracts new buyers.
It brings internal benefit.
It increases skill and competence of your management team.
It brings customer’s satisfaction to your products and services.
It increases your Company’s revenue.

Quality Management System Certification is the most popular Certification to clients of this Organization. Without QMS the CB has OHSAS, HACCP and Training programs on various standards. To know more you about this certification body you can visit this ISO Certification body