Saturday, May 5, 2012

Water Tank is a Death Trap for Cleaner in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a south Asian developing country. There are so many problems in this country. Like others city dwellers have been facing various problems. Residential problem is one of the major problem in Bangladesh. Residential crisis is in critical position in Dhaka. Though house owners are increasing house rent according to their wish but they are not proving facilities to the tenant.

The tenant of Dhaka city have been facing this problem for long time. The problem is not cared by many tenants but this is one of the major hidden killers of city dwellers in the city area of Bangladesh. Not only in Dhaka, this is happening around the country. What is that? That is dirty tank water. Yes a large number of people in the city area are the victims of this sensitive issue.

Most of the house owners do not clean their water tank regularly. You may easily realize when water  is finished in the water tap and after a while when  water comes again. You can see a dirty water is coming. This happens for a while.This is happening due to mixing of dust at the bottom of the tank and newly coming water from underground tank of the house.

I personally observed this problem and still now I am watching this in my rental apartment. Dirty water comes very often because of dirty water tank. Some house owner response when it is protested by tenant. But in many cases house owners do not care it.

City dwellers have been facing this problem in the capital city. This is happening also in other cities too. Recently a  labor dyeing incident  during water tank cleaning  period at commilla city has shocked the people of Bangladesh. In 2010 Water Tank tragic news  and in Nov 17, 2005, labor dieing news probe that how serious this problem for city dwellers. I t is cleared that city dwellers are drinking and using toxic water or impure water for their daily life.

How long will it continue? Who will protect this culture of house owner?. House owners are taking money month after month from the renter but they are not doing their minimum responsibilities. Their simple task can protect citizen's life. I think  house owner will care this issue. It is harmful not only for tenants but it is also hazardous for house owner.

However Government should also introduce any law for house owner to make bound to clean water tank regularly. People's health are affected due to toxic water. Different skin diseases, diarrhea, stomach pain  or any other serious  diseases can be seen due to dirty water.