Monday, May 21, 2012

New Contract With Malaysia and Solving Previous Problem

Malaysia is in top rank for employing Bangladeshi workers in that country A huge number of Bangladeshis are staying illegally and several hundreds of thousands are in still in prison of Malaysia. Recently a news has been published in daily newspapers of  Bangladesh that Malaysia is going to import more labors from Bangladesh. We congratulate this news but at the same time we are requesting both countries govt to resolve the previous illegal labor's problem in Malaysia. Bangladeshi people do not want to see any more workers exporting drama.

Excessive corruption policy of both countries in govt and private sectors the Bangladeshi innocent villagers are passing very tremendous and painful days in Malaysian prison. After selling land property and domestic animal like cow, goat or taking money for high interest rate from village lenders a Bangladeshi worker collect the cost  to go Malaysia. He has to pay to the manpower agent 2-3 lac Taka for work visa to Malaysia.

After arrival in Malaysia this innocent Bangladeshi people become illegal due to cheating policy of Malaysian manpower contractors. After landing in Malaysia the workers have to wait month after month to get job. They have to fasting. While agent fail to provide job and workers lose their patient then, they escape from the agents paw without passport. They find job by themselves. Then they become illegal.

Sometimes Malaysian govt run cruel campaign to arrest those illegal workers. As a result those illegal workers are thrown in Malaysian prison. This type of culture and practicing on foreign workers are going on in Malaysia for long time. They do not find the reality. This type of migration policy have been criticized many times in many newspapers. But probably Malaysia does dot care and respect international opinion.  So they are adopting their blind policy on migrants though their wheel of economy are dependent on foreign workers.

Bangladesh govt has not take any effective action to resolve this problem for many years. Several hundreds of thousands of people are victim of paw of Malaysian steam rule. They are suffering limitless problems and struggle in Malaysian prison and immigration camp.

Indonesia has made contract with Malaysia to take back their illegal workers from Malaysia from immigration camp. Bangladesh can follow that policy to decrease struggle and pain of Bangladeshi workers.

Due to lac of communication with family Bangladeshi workers have been staying in prison and immigration camp several months to several years. Physically and mentally  they are becoming weaker. Even many are dieing in prison and camp.Though few steps on behalf of Bangladesh and Malaysian Government can save those valuable and innocent people's life.

In the court prisoners have to face language problem. They cannot talk with judge due to language. So, government can employ few Bangladeshi bilingual advocates to explain their situation to the judge. So, they can get rid of long time imprisonment and punishment  in Malaysia.

 Another and that is serious even more serious problem than prison that is immigration camp. It is a great torturing point for foreigners. Workers become very helpless due to lack of communication with relatives. They cannot call with their family to buy ticket and travel pass to come back to Bangladesh.

Immigration officers take opportunity of those victims here. Malaysian Immigration officer take double money for arranging ticket and travel pass  from Bangladesh embasssy in Kuala Lumput. But this work can be done by Bangladesh embassy easily.

Bangladesh embassy can arrange travel pass easily by visiting those camp on regular trip at the camp. On the other hand they can help to communicate with victim's relatives to  collect money for purchasing ticket.

Considering humanitarian help Bangladesh can do another thing to take back their illegal workers from immigration camp. Many seats remain empty when Biman Bangladesh Airlines  regular flight come back from Kuala Lumpur to Dhaka..Biman flights can be helpful to take back those illegal workers from Immigration camp in Malaysia.

Foreign ministry and Manpower ministry can take joint venture program to take back those Bangladeshi workers from Malaysia and other countries. But it is a matter of regret that no effective action has been taken yet now and previous government's period. It is a great dissatisfaction to the Bangladeshi migrant workers in abroad.

Bangladesh should realize that a great percentage of their foreign currency are coming from migrant workers. They are eating the butter but they are not sharing with the pain of workers. It is really great frustration for Bangladeshi people and Bangladeshi migrants worldwide.

As a blogger and as a citizen of Bangladesh I will expect that Government and political parties will  think these matters seriously. Bangladeshi workers  are a part of our family. We should express great condolence in their miserable situation by taking effective steps.