Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hillary's Visit in Bangladesh

The US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton had visited Bangladesh on May 05 and 06, 2012. This was her third visit in Bangladesh. He also visited this country on 1995 and 2000 as a first lady. During her visit she met with two senior citizen Mr Eunos, novel laureate, the founder of Grammeen Bank and  Mr Fazle Hasan Abed, the founder of BRAC the second largest NGO in Bangladesh.

During her visit she expressed her great dissatisfaction for killing of Aminul Islam the garments and labor trade union leader in Ashulia town on April 04, 2012. She also expressed her sorriness of government's action against Professor Eunos. She  told opposition leader Ms Khaleda that she told Sheikh Hasina to find BNP leader Ilius Ali who was disappeared in April 17, 2012.

Hillary said at a question-and-answer session with students and youth leaders  from different schools, colleges and universities  which was the last programme of her 24-hour visit to Bangladesh. 
"Terming ‘worrisome’ the labour problems in the garment sector, she said the country should address the issue ‘because in today’s world that will cause big manufacturers of clothing to be afraid to stay or come to Bangladesh"

She said that no one should be above the law no matter how powerful they were. 
‘There needs to be total rule of law with no impunity,’ she said.

Actually Mrs Clinton came here to sign a ‘joint declaration on Bangladesh-US partnership dialogue’ creating scope for regular annual consultations at foreign minister and foreign secretary levels on bilateral issues.  Details question and answer with  Hillary can be found here

We appreciate government's efforts to make good relation with US. Boarder area determine and boarder security is important to keep control of terrorism attack in Bangladesh. This was reflected during the visit of Mr. Andrew Shapiro who came here to lead U.S. delegation to the security dialogue held here last month.

Hillary has been observing Bangladesh very closely for 17 years. She has been trying to establish good relation for mutual benefit for the both countries. Next year she will not be here but her works will be followed by next employee.

It is clear that  US is trying to establish its military power in this reason. Though it is not possible instantly but gradually they will continue their efforts. To protect US interest they will do it. On the otherhand Bangladesh also needs foreign assistance to find it's natural resources. That's why the two countries are going ahead to make agreement through annual meeting of secretary level between the two countries.

Hillary's visit and making joint agreement with Dipu Moni is a good progress of starting dialogue annually. It  is a kind of improvement of  implementation their future plan of military presence in this reason.

Before occupying  Afghanistan they have made contract with Pakistan too. They have successfully establish their presence in that region. But we feel bad when we see the killing news of common people inside Pakistan.

Finally, on the behalf of common people and as a blogger I will like to request our BD Government not to make any sign which can be affect Bangladeshi's sovereign power. We have lost 3 million peoples in 1971 to see peaceful Bangladesh, poverty free Bangladesh. But we are frustrated we achieved very minimal result.

Bangladeshi people want to see peaceful solution of all kinds of national issue.They never support to sign any agreement which will promote foreign military presence inside Bangladesh area. A large number of people supports the opposition parties. Government will have to take their opinion. For this reason they will have to seat with opposition parties.

If Hasina's Government cannot seat with opposition parties and cannot reach in a view for national issue it will be a great success  of government.It  A large number of people voted and selected opposition leader of Parliament. Government will have to take their opinion, their suggestion before making in national and international deal. If they can do it, then it can be said that government respect everybody's opinion.

Bangladesh is  a small country. If government think, then it is possible to keep control internal security. Just it needs honest  wish , direction, and proper management of utilizing police force and other security enforcement group. Recent 22 secret killing  is a indication of bad weather in politics. If it continues Bangladesh will lose it's stability in politics.