Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dutch Bangla Bank Review

Dutch Bangla Bank is the pioneer for introducing digital banking in Bangladesh. For a long time a traditional banking system had been running in private and govt bank. Account holders had to withdraw money from bank standing on a long line. After  introducing ATM process  most of the  inconveniences have been removed. Though some other banks are also trying to establish ATM booth but Dutch Bangla bank still is in top position.

Dutch Bangla has the largest atm booth then any other banks in Bangladesh. We appreciate bank's step for revolutionary changing in banking sector. This bank has demolish people's struggle to deposit and withdraw money. Now anytime people can draw money through Nexus Debit card from Dutch Bangla Bank.

If you have account on Dutch Bangla bank , then easily you can take a debit nexus card from the bank. Any time you can check your balance from atm booth through the bank's  Nexus card. If there is FAST TRACK facility , then you can deposit your money too. So it has done great task for its clients.

You can find ATM or Fast Track booth nearby to your house and office . This bank has made people's life more comfortable. Due to its facilities this bank has got more clients than any other banks. Gradually this bank is extending its fast track and ATM booth all over the Bangladesh.

Disadvantages: Though the bank has introduced many facilities for its clients but still there is some problems. Following are the major problems among others.

  • Sometimes money is not available in the ATM
  • Air conditioner is out of order some times in some boths
  • Sometimes machines are out of order
  • If you deposit moeny after 2 pm on Thursday, then your account will be updated on next Sunday That means you have to   wait three days for your updated balance.
  • Note of 100 taka is not enough in the booth.
  • No customer feedback form are available in the booth
One day I went to deposit money on somebody's account. I had to stand up one hour to accomplish deposit work. So, though the bank has developed a lot in ATM section but still inside management system is poor. I saw a large number of people were waiting to deposit money in their account. I also saw all air-conditioners were not working. In hot weather people have to struggle lot to deposit money in the bank.. This probes maintain system of this bank is still in deficient condition.

Finally, the account holders are expecting that the authority will take steps to remove the above mentioned problems from the Dutch Bangla bank.