Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bangladeshi Workers in Malaysia are in Danger Position

Malaysia is one of newly growing industrialist country in Southeast Asia. Due to huge industrialization this country feels necessity of foreign workers since ninety decade. Due to Malaysian Government's wrong policy for employment foreign workers, the media group took this opportunity. There are lot of contractors so called cheater group in Bangladesh and in Malaysia it is also called adam bapary jumped to take this opportunity.

Adam bapary from both the countries continue to oppress the poor and helpless  Bangladeshi workers. The Malaysian contractors try to import two or three times worker than the actual needs. On the other hand Bangladeshi contractors export workers according to Malaysian contractors.

After arrival in Malaysia the extra workers become helpless. The contractors continue giving false commitment to the workers that they will provide them job soon. After spending several months when they fail to provide job then the workers try to find job themselves to nearest factory, restaurant or construction firm leaving their passport. So, they become illegal.

When Malaysia government continue his illegal workers arresting campaign then those illegal  workers are arrested and thrown to prison. Though the workers had paid 2-3 lac taka to go to Malaysia but they are now illegal to the eye of Malaysia government. Recently the most popular daily Prothom-alo has published a news about Bangladeshi Workers problem in Malaysia.

I am fully agreed with the Prothom-alo newspaper. I was also victim of that. I have written a blog about the real situation of foreign workers in Malaysia after coming back from Malaysia in 2009. It is terrible. You cannot imagine what are happening in Malaysia. To know more you can visit my blog about Find Prison in Malaysia.