Monday, April 30, 2012

What is May Day

What is May Day?
May day is an International day. It is celebrated worldwide since 1886. For support of 8 hour-day  the labors at Hay market of Chicago city in the state of Illinois in USA protest  against the authority. The workers called three-day General strike throughout the USA. Police killed three workers of McCormic Harvesting Machine Co. On May 4 at least 12 people and 7 police officers were killed in a protest rally

The eight-hour day became one of the most wanted demands of May Day protest. Since 1886 the labors has got back their right of working time. Before 1886 the workers had to work according to the wish of the authority. The company owners made bound workers to work more than eight hours. It was illegal and unlawful. The workers of Hay market has establish labor's right.

Significance of May Day: May day or first day of May is a significant day to the workers worldwide. Still it is not maintain in many countries. It's activity is limited on Government office only. Non-government many organizations do not care it. Labors are working there 10-12 hours but they are not paid according ly.

The may day reminds labor to snatch their right. It reminds to establish the working hours. If  it is worked more than eight hours it should be paid. Working on extra hours should not be compulsory. May day recall workers to be united to protest against autocracy, bureaucracy and disobedience of International rights.

The world is passing very critical moment at this time. In many countries this International rule is not obeyed. Specially migrated workers are oppressed by the employers in Many countries. I personally observed it in South Korea and Malaysia.

In the middle of ninety I saw foreign workers are employed in 3D Companies(Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous). Due to boycotting of works of local labors of the above countries factories foreign labors are employed there but they are not paid properly. I do not know what are happening now there.

A lot of foreign workers work in Korea, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore. Employers do not pay as same as their domestic labors. They pay 150% for night works and 200% for govt holiday works to the domestic labors but they do not pay the same to the foreign labors.  May many countries are practicing of different pay rule for different geographical labors.

Workers are oppressed in many countries. May day 2012 should be a good teaching for those employers who are adopting two payment rules in the same company. They should not differ the payment considering the body colors of workers.

Actually foreign workers or migrated workers are helpless in the host countries. They cannot protest against the employers. They are working hard but they are not paid properly. International workers  are oppressed in foreign countries.

Who will take care of it? Who will inspect it? Of course UNO or ILO. But does ILO has any investigating program to check the working situation and payment system around the world for foreign workers?

World is passing critical moment of  injustice and inhumanity activities around the world. Man all are same. This is said and are accepted only on verbally. In practically it is not obeyed. So new to newer different kind of disasters and calamities are attacking the world.

2012 May day should be observed by adopting something new for the International labor. ILO should take survey about international labor's status. How they are working and how they are getting paid. If ILO can do, then the celebration of May day 2012 will be fruitful otherwise it will be meaningless. If we  want to respect of the creators of May day, then we have to take new steps every year to protect labor right.