Saturday, April 21, 2012

What is Earth Day

What day is it? Earh day is a day to create awareness about the earth and appreciation of the earth's natural environment. The concept of earth day was come from Mr John McConnell in USA in 1969. Later UNO approved it in 1971. It is now observed in 175 countries around the world.

About Earth Day: The First Earth Day was celebrated on March 21, 1970 in USA. The celebrations were held in various US cities including Francisco and in Davis. UN Secretary General Mr Uthant supported Mc Connell's initiative to celebrate this annual event and later on February 1971 he signed  a proclamation to that effect. Following his steps later UN GS Mr kurt Waldheim observed earth day on April 22, 1972. From that day every year 22nd April is observed earth day worldwide.

Significance of Earth Day- The earth is in great danger. Over  population caused deforestation and Industrialization have badly affected on the earth normal's environment. Deforestation and increasing of Carbon-dioxide are the major caused of climate change in our planet. The celebration of Earth day can increase awareness of people's duty for the earth. It teaches us not to cut tree, birth control, and keep control of industrialization.

Teaching of Earth day: It teaches us to keep our earth neat and clean. To keep our earth healthy it is our moral duty to keep our environment clean. We should plant a tree in this day. We should think about our next generation. If we pollute our environment how will our kids live in this earth? We should talk with our friends and relative about the aim of celebration of  Earth day.