Saturday, April 14, 2012

Top 10 Websites

Top 10 websites post of this blog will help you to find the best websites in the world. Now it is online era. People search information on the internet. To make prepare into the competition of information many companies around the world are trying to establish themselves in this  race. 

America is the number one position. Almost all of the top websites are from the USA. This country is the king for building information based websites. Though some other countries are trying but America is the number one best website builder in the world.

China is in second position to present best website to the world. But their activity is limited only in Chinese language. So, their websites are popular only in Chinese native language speaking online searcher.

Best website are determined considering on various topics. It's quality, information, traffic, popularity, speed, free tools etc. It is also changeable time to time. This list is for April 2012.  However let's see the from below list of top 10 websites.
  • Google: Various information, image, free tools, maps, Online advertising, adsense, adword, free email service, social media google plus, browser google chrome, mobile software android and free video site
  • Facebook: It's a social media site.
  • YouTube: It's a video site. Anybody can upload and download video from this site. It's a part of Google
  • Yahoo: Inforamtion enriched site including free email services, free chatting, image, video etc
  • Baidu.Com: Chinese language based information site. It is popular to Chinese people
  • Wikipedia: Free open source information based site. Anybody can add his knowledge on specific subject.
  • Windows Live: Microsoft is the owner of this site. Email and free chatting facilities
  • QQ.COM: Tancent Inc. is the owner of this site. Chinese language based various information enriched site.
  • Twitter: It is second largest social media site after facebook. Worldwide a lot of people participate to engage themselves to share knowledge among them.
  • It is a part of Google. Free blogging service. Any body can make blog from here free of cost. It is good for them who are trying to earn money from blogging. It is in 10th position of the list of  top 10 websites