Monday, April 23, 2012

Richest Club

What are the richest Club in the World for football? Manchester United is the richest Football club in the world. This team has been holding their status in first position for more than eight years. Let's see other  expensive Football club's name from the below list.
  1. Manchester United Price 2.24 Billion US$
  2. Real Madrid  Price 1.88 Billion US$
  3. Barcelona 1.31 Billion US$
  4. Arsenal 1.30 Billion US$
  5. Biarn Munich 1.24 Billion US$
  6. AC Milan .99 Billion US$
  7. Chalse .76 Billion US$
  8. Liverpool .60 Billion US$
  9. Juventus .60 Billion US$s
  10. Shalke .59 Billion US$
The top ten rich football club list has been collected from Forbe Magazine. According to the news of Forbes there are around .33 billion fan of Manchester Club around the world. Without Manchester the  above mentioned 9 other clubs are the richest clubs in football.