Sunday, April 22, 2012

Power Shortage in Bangladesh

Power shortage 2012 in Bangladesh- Bangladesh is passing very critical moment at this moment. Now it is summer. Almost in all houses fans are widely used electric home appliance. Average Temperature is between 30-40 degree Celsius in this hot season. People feel very hot in this high temperature and hot weather environment. It brings more pain whey your ceiling fan suddenly stops.

Yes, now means in 2012 Bangladeshi people are struggling a lot without electricity. Almost 10-12 hours people are to stay without electricity. In the middle night when their fan stops suddenly then this increases the pains of city dwellers too much. Then definitely common people scold the Government for showing negligence of their duty in this very sensitive sector.

In 2010 I have wrote an article about Electricity Shortage in Bangladesh. Now I see the same situation in 2012. But what about government and prime minister's commitment. In many times Sheikh Hasina declared that they will do massive success in power supply sector. But in 2012 summer session it is cleared that prime minister's lecture was false sympathy to the common people. Now people are losing their faith on Prime minister and her led government.

I am a blogger and like you a normal citizen. I tried to express my personal and bitter experiences in this summer 2012. I will like to say that government achieved a zero success to remove power shortage from Bangladesh. Within three years they have failed to show any success in power sector. Without sleeping I cannot post my blog regularly because of power shortage. Very frequently without notice power is going and coming. So, it is difficult to publish blog post regularly.

Bangladesh  economy is also badly affected due to power shortage. All shops goes to close at 8 pm due to poor electricity supply. Not only that in industrial area electricity shortage is caused to failing to supply of products in due time to abroad.

This is the presentation of negligence of many years of all governments in different period in Bangladesh. What the previous governments have done that is not a question to the people of Bangladesh. How the present government is solving the problem that is the question of the people.

 If the present Government fail to develop the power shortage situation, certainly this government will not come to in power in future. So, we will hope government will show their efficiency in this sector soon. They will try the best to remove power shortage  issue from Bangladesh within next two years.

Development of Bangladesh is depend on generation of electricity in Bangladesh. Without electricity no foreign or local investor will show their courage to establish industry in this country. So, without traditional electricity producing process  government  should think about new and latest power generation process.

Nuclear power generation project, Electricity from Atomic energy, electricity from air, electricity from sea can be great source to produce power in Bangladesh. On the other hand people should be encouraged  to use solar energy for house hold use. Government should increase awareness about solar energy.  By adopting various method in power generation process the problem of power shortage may be solved from Bangladesh.

Government goes and comes but who are the permanent member  of Bangladesh Power Development board what they have done for the country. What plan they have taken to meet the country's power demand. I think that section is the most corrupted sector in Bangladesh. That's why people have been suffering unlimited problems at this moment.

They have committed crime by showing negligence and adopting corruption policy in Power development board in bd. So, it is time to bring them to appear in the court for judgement like war-criminal.

Finally,  we will hope no more suffering in power sector. Pragmatic plan and real supervising policy of implementation process of power plant in Bangladesh can reduce the common people's pain. Government's management skill and good wish can intensify to rapid implementation of power plan project. It can reduce the suffering of people of power shortage in Bangladesh.