Friday, April 13, 2012

Newspaper in Bangladesh

The Newspaper of Bangladesh has a great demand worldwide. There are more than 300 million people around the world. Bengali is the 4th largest spoken language in the world. So, bangla news is a great search item on the Internet. From Bangladesh and From Calcutta there are many daily, weekly and monthly newspapers.

Though there are more than hundred daily newspapers in Bangladesh but only few of them have good popularity. Rest of them are not so well known to the people. Let's see what are the most popular newspaper in Bangladesh from the following list. There are some English daily too in Dhaka but Bangladesh Bengali Newspaper has  great attraction to the Bangali people around the world.
Besides those newspapers some Daily English Newspapers are also published from Dhaka. The Daily Star, The New Age, The IndependentThe Financial Express, The Bangladesh Today are most popular daily English newspapers in Bangladesh. Anandabazar Potrika, is another most popular bangla daily newspaper published from Calcutta. Bangladesh has some more daily newspapers like noya digantoa, songram, gonoshokti Manobjomin, Songbad etc.

Radio and BTV the only Television are state own public media. They do not broadcast any opposition parties news in those  media. So people like to read bangla newspaper in Bangladesh to know details idea about opposition parties activities in the country. That's why people like to read bangla newspaper in Bangladesh.