Friday, April 6, 2012

Made in Malaysia Hidden Secret

Made in Malaysia is a great technique in Bangladesh to sell product in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a Muslim country. More than 80% of total population in this country are Muslim. So, they like to use product from Muslim Countries. It may electronics product, paper, chemical or any other product.

Actually most of the people of Bangladesh do not have clear idea about Malaysia. So, this post may help them to know about real picture of Malaysia. Actually Malaysia is a mixed country. There are three races in Malaysia Indian Tamil, Chinese and Malay. But most of the suppliers in Malaysia are chines

Chinese are the heart of Malaysian economy. Original Malay are idle. They do not work hard. On the other-hand Chinese are hard worker. So, the total economy is  driven by Chinese race. As a result Chinese are consuming the largest portion of the total GDP. Their life style is much more luxurious than Malay or Indian race.

Actually exporting products from Malaysia is actually are made by Chinese. They are Christian or Buddhist. Bangladesh is using product from Malaysia is not made by Malaysian Muslim. Those are made by Christian of Chinese race. All  Malaysia Manufacturer are Chinese. Their technology is also from China.

Bangladeshi consumers are paying more for Malaysian product. They are doing wrong. The quality of Malaysian products and Chinese products are same. So, they can use Chinese product for lower price. There is no argument to use Malaysian made product. To save money they can change the idea about Made in Malaysia.

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