Thursday, April 12, 2012

Job Sites in Bangladesh

Online job search in Bangladesh is  growing rapidly. Though most of the jobs are searched in the hard copy of daily newspaper but due to rapid increasing of internet users in Bangladesh this trend is going to be changed.  online job job seekers are growing rapidly.

The major obstacle of online job search in  Bangladesh is limited publication of jobs in the online newspaper. Many advertisers or employers do no have enough idea about online. They do not advertise their employment news in the newspaper. So, unemployed people have to depend on hard copy of newspaper rather than online job search.

Though there are not enough job search sites in Bangladesh but those are growing and  gaining popularity a lot. Let's take a look which are the top job search sites in Bangladesh. You can find online job Bangladesh from those job sites. Jobstreet and have most popularity among other Bangladeshi job sites.
Those are the top Job sites in Bangladesh. is the most popular among them.