Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Job in Bangladesh

Job in Bangladesh is in critical condition. Due to lac of industrialization this is happening in Bangladesh seriously. Though there are some private jobs in Bangladesh but there is  no any specific rule. Any time employers are discharging their employees from the job with empty hand.

Banking job, NGO job, it job, hotel job, airline job, engineering job, embassy job are among other top jobs field in Bangladesh. But there are many jobs in private sectors where there is no specific rule for employee and employers.

 Recently BD Govt has introduced a new garments workers law. We congratulate this rule for garments worker. Government has fixed Tk.3000 as a minimum salary for garments worker. Though it is very low wage comparing with present market price situation in Bangladesh.

 But  what about other sectors. Without garments there are many private jobs in Bangladesh. Does any rule for them. Many HSC and graduates are working in many industries or private offices in many places in Dhaka. They do not receive any festival bonus, provident fund, gratuity and yearly increment based bonus. They do not have any insurance too.

How secured their job? Without few big size Companies and foreign Organizations are there any specific rule for other private organizations? It is seen and it is happening very often that a worker is discharged from his job without any pre notice or without any compensation.

An employed people become at a loss when he lose his job suddenly? What happened in his life and what happened in his family? Who will take care of  it? The owner of private Organization does not care about this issue because there is no any specific rule of  private sector job in Bangladesh.

After long protest and bloody incident the garments worker has snatched their right from garments owner. But what about other private sectors? Hundred of thousands of worker have been working in various private Organizations. They are payed very low. Many job losing incidents are happening around the country.

After working several years or even a decade an employee is going back his home with empty hand. What happened in his personal life and his family life? Who take care of it? Does governments has any account of it?

Bangladesh is democratic country. Government will have to think for all. Government should introduce and implement a new law for other private jobs. They must fixed a minimum salary for SSC, HSC, Bachelor and Master degree holders. There should be a rule for job dismissing case too.

Law for  private sector job will protect young generation's fundamental right in job field. Government is silent about this issue. Now it is time for young generation and private sectors employee to snatch their right.

Private sectors employee should come to the street to protest against silence of BD govt. They should make bound the government to snatch their right. BD govt will have to  assures the minimum wages for various literate groups of people in private sector and there should be a minimum compensation when a job is lost.

For a long time some are making mountain of money. Some are dyeing without eating. Now this is Bangladeshi culture in politics and in Government. But no more this scenery in this country, We want to see nice Bangladesh. We want to see everybody are living pleasantly. If Government can remove bad things from private sectors then it will bring peaceful environment in Private Sectors Job.