Tuesday, April 24, 2012

College in Dhaka

College in Dhaka is a popular search term to the college student in Bangladesh.Education is the backbone of a nation. To show respect of this slogan many colleges are built up in Dhaka city. In the mid of eighty there were few state owned college in Dhaka but keep pace with population and student many colleges are built already in Dhaka city.

Since 2010 Government has decided to measure the standard of a college by providing marks. Those marks are determined on the four criteria and they  are the number of students registered with a college, percentage of regular students among those registered, percentage of successful students, the number of students getting GPA-5 and the number of examinees

Let's see the list of college in Dhaka:
  • Rifles Public School & College Rank point 79.49
  • Notre dame College Rank point 81.18
  • Dhaka College Rank point 77.51
  • Dhaka City College Rank point 80.93
  • Residential Model School and College
  • Rajuk Uttara Model College Rank point 81.83
  • Viqarunnisa Noon College Rank point79.85
  • Adomjee Cantonment college
  • Holycross College Rank point 83.3
  • Eden Women College
There are two more colleges which stands first and second position in the top ten college dhaka list in 2010 Examination.Mymensigh Girls' Cadet College (point 89.6) secured the top position while Mirzarpur Cadet College, Tangail,(point 85.36) became second in the HSC and its equivalent examinations, 2010. Those are the best college in Dhaka and outside of Dhaka for a long time.

On the above list some are govt college  and some are private or autonomous college in Dhaka. The list is the best college list among the other colleges in Dhaka. To find information about your favorite college in Dhaka simply type the name of the college in Google Search Box, then will arrive to the respective college website.