Monday, April 16, 2012

City of Mosque Has No Mosque

Mosque is the holy place for Muslim race. Dhaka is called the city of mosque. Around 12000 mosques are in Dhaka city. Here and there almost in all wards there are  two, three or more mosques in the city of Dhaka. You may feel strange to hear this title there is no mosque in Dhaka.

Well let's discuss this issue. Though there are a lot of  mosque inside Dhaka but in few places where a lot of people gather together everyday, you cannot find any mosque there. As an example I can say the firm-gate crossing point. This is one of the most crowded and busy area inside Dhaka. Everyday hundreds of thousand people come here to exchange their way to go different destination  in Dhaka. But there is no mosque in this crossing moor.

Like farmgate there are some more transit points and crossing moors in Dhaka where there are not enough mosque. Like Kakrail moor, Mouchak moor, Shapla chottor Ittefaq moor can be mentioned.  People have to face difficulty to perform salat in those area. They have to go far from the crossing point to attend the salat.

Religious thinkers, BD Government, Islamic society and wealthy Islamic personnel should think this issue attentively. They should think how they can establish mosque in those area. For holding our religious heritage as a city of mosque it should be our moral duty to establish enough mosque in those area.

Masjid mosque is the holy name to the Muslim of Bangladesh. People here in Bangladesh are very religious. There are lot of  real Muslim here in Bangladesh. They have strong belief on God. So, they like to spend money for building mosque. Now Bangladesh is called the country of mosque. It was possible only for religious people around the country. Almost all of the Mosques are built by common people. People think it is their social and religious responsibility to establish mosque.

As a blogger and on the behalf of Muslim travelers I would like to request Ministry of religion and Islamic foundation of Bangladesh or other respective religious organization should take survey about crowded and important points of Dhaka where people are facing inconveniences for praying due to lac of mosque.