Sunday, April 29, 2012

BTB(Bangladesh Television) Review

BTV is the only state owned Television Channel in Bangladesh. Before this TV channel had good popularity. Nowadays it has lost its good familiarity. Now people cannot trust it. Because this broadcasting institute is number one broker of the Government. It does not let people know the real news.

The news is the most waited item for educated people in the city of Dhaka. When you go to the  TV set and listen to the news then you must feel strange to hear its partiality news. It broadcast the government's favored news. It does not let  people what are happening actually in the country. In the hortal period no private car, no CNG and No truck run in the street. But it says life of Dhaka was normal.

Dhaka dwellers know what are happening in the strike period in Dhaka street. They feel shock to hear bluffing news of BTV. So, most of them do not watch BTB news rather they watch BBC bangla radio or other private TV channel.

BTV should not be the property of government. It is the property of common people. So, Government should know and take survey what people want to watch in the television and what they do not like to watch. Government should respect people's opinion. BTV's program should be built according to the people's demand. It should not be media or broker of Government.