Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where is Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a small country located in South Asia. It is strange that during my traveling period in many countries people do not not about Bangladesh. When I told them it is near in India, then they can understand about it's location. Actually Bangladesh is a small and newly independent country.  So, many do not know where is Bangladesh.

Now Bangladesh is known to all now. Now almost all literate  people around the world know where is Bangladesh. Recently few incident  has introduced Bangladesh newly to the world. Obtaining  Noble Price of Professor Yunus, Cricket world cup 2011, Engagement of  Bangladeshi workers around the world, acceptance of  International mother language day by UNO, Natural calamity of Bangladesh  have introduced it newly to the world.

Location of Bangladesh: Bangladesh is located near India. Another word it is located in South Asia. Neighboring countries are India, Myanmar, Nepal. Before it was a part of  Indian sub-continent. Bangladesh, India, Pakistan were together  called sub-continent. Later in 1947 sub continent was broken into two countries one is India and another is Pakistan.

History of Bangladesh: Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan.  In 1971 Bangladesh become independent country through a liberation war. To obtain independence Bangladeshi people had to lost 3 million people. They had to fight more than 9 months with Pakistan. In March 26, 1971 the uncivilized Pakistani ruler started to kill innocent people without any notice. They continue it until December 15, 1971. At last December 16, 1971  with the help of India Bangladeshi freedom fighters  restored independence from Pakistan.

Geographical Location of Bangladesh: Geographically it is located in tropical region. From 20°34˝ North  Latitude to 26°38˝ North Latitude. From  88°01˝ East Longitude to 92°41˝ East Longitude. Almost all the year it is hot in Bangladesh. Only from November to February the temparature remain low (average and approximately 5-25 degree celcius).

Area of Bangladesh: Total area of Bangladesh is 147570 square kilometer. Boundary line of it is 4712 KM. The length of boundary line with India is about 3715 km. 280 km with Myanmar. 716 km is the coast line of BANGLADESH.

Population of Bangladesh: Due to nice and hot weather population growth is very high in Bangladesh. According to the last  census in July 2011 the   total population is around 156 million. This is too high comparing  with it's total area. population control is a great threat for BD Govt at this moment in Bangladesh.