Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Top Ten Email Services

Free email services is one of the top technique of search engine business company around the world. Though most of us are well known about gmail and yahoo but there are some other good free email service providers around the web. I have mentioned some of the top free email service provider in below:

Maximum attach size of your mail upto 50MB. Most of them have encrypted email service. Email hosting service is an important point to many small business enterprises. So, the below free mail service list is a good guide for free email service seekers.

Free mail is one of the great attraction around the world. There is no person who does not know about free mail. Most of the free internet users are well known about gmail, ymail, yahoo mail and hotmail but as the same time they are not well known about other free mail services.

Email address is the great media to connect or communicate with others. It is a first and prime part of communication with the world. So find the best email service provider from the below list of free email service providers.

From the below mentioned free email services you can send free email or free email messages. Anybody can open free email accounts from those free email program. It is a great post for them who are looking for free email along with large attachment facilities from free email services.

Name of Free Email Maximum storage IMAP Facility POP Access Attachment
Gmail 7GB Yes Yes 20MB
Yahoo Unlimited No Yes 25MB
Hotmail 5GB Yes Yes 10MB
AOL Unlimited Yes Yes 16MB
inbox 5GB No Yes 10MB
Fastmail 10MB No Yes 10MB
AniMail 7.5MB No No 20MB
Care-2 5GB Yes Yes 10MB
GMX 5GB Yes Yes 50MB