Saturday, March 3, 2012

DSE Dhaka

What is DSE?

DSE is a short form of Dhaka Stock Exchange. It was incorporated in 1954. It is located at the center point of Dhaka at Motijheel. DSE is the biggest financial institute in Bangladesh to sell and purchase share. Though the activities of this institution was limited at the beginning of its journey but later since 2001 it was been growing fast.

DSE was the great source of income of many stock brokers and unemployed young people in Bangladesh. In many areas a lot of online trading based stock brookers office have been established sorrounding dhaka Stock Exchange. Recently sudden fall of share market of dse has frustated many young investors.

Dhaka dse has snatched capital from young investors of Bangladesh. They are at a loss at this moment. They have lost all of their hard earned money by a sudden storm in financial market of Bangladesh. On January 10, 2011 in the morning the index fell around9.25%. It was the biggest single day fall in dse history within 55 year.

Lack of business opportunities, poor investment field, lack of industrialization policy have encouraged a lot of people to entrance in share market. Without Industrialization excessive business dependence is one of the major causes of attraction of share market. Poor monitoring and market surveillance are also caused of crashed of dse dhaka, read more dse crash causes