Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bangladesh Airlines

Bangladesh airlines is one of the top search items to the tourist around the world. Though there are not many airlines in Bangladesh but recently few private company has started air business without Biman Bangladesh. Following are the major air lines in Bangladesh. Biman is the most  popular and it has many flights schedule to many countries. Biman Bangladesh is the only state owned airlines in Bangladesh.
  1. Biman Bangladesh Airlines IAT Code BG
  2. Bismillah Ailines IAT Code 5Z
  3. Easy Fly Express Ltd. IAT Code 8E
  4. GMG Airlines IAT Code Z5
  5. Regent Airways IAT Code RX
  6. Royal Bengal Airlines IAT Code 4A
  7. Sky Capital Airlines IAT Code C3
  8. United Airways IAT Code 4H
  9. Zoom Airways  IAT Code 3Z
How to find those airlines offices? Simply type the name in your browser's search box and push enter, that's all you will arrive those Bangladesh airlines.