Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Valentines Day Ideas

Valentines day ideas have come from 3rd century by sacrificing life of St. valentine in Rome, Italy. This valentine day is a occasion of celebrating love and friendship. Around the world people celebrate the 14th February as a valentine's day. This day may be called as a presentation day because people around the world become very busy to present something to his or her beloved ones.

Valentine day history: There was a religious man(saint) in Rome named St. Valentine has first introduced this day by presenting a love letter to a young lady he was fond of in the third century. Claudius the second Emperor of Rome had banned that marriage custom from ancient society. St Valentine thought it was injustice and unfair. So, he cracked the rules and disposed the secret marriage.

St.Valentine was sent to jail when Claudius came to know the activities of valentine. He was sentenced to death. During his prison life he fell in love with Jailor's blind spawn. He loved the girl too much. His efficiency of love cured the girl from blindness.

Valentine could not escape from the paw of emperor Claudius. He was thrown in death squad in Feb 14. In his last day he sent a love letter to the girl. From there this day Feb 14 is being celebrating as a love day.

Teaching of Valentine day: Valentine day is observed as a loving day. So, the teaching of this day is love others. love is not sin. It is natural. It comes from Allah. So, though this valentine day idea has introduced from christian culture but it should be accepted by all religious people.

Most Searched countries: Though the valentine day idea has come from western culture but around the world the idea has spread a lot. Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Tanzania, Bangladesh are in the top list of search term of valentines day according to the online information.

Valentine day in Bd: Bangladeshi people specially College and University students observe this day very closely. Juvenile spend this historic valentine day by presenting fresh flowers to his/her lover, Some of them seek for valentines day present in super market area.

Valentine day conclusion: What should be learning issue of world leader: Now the world is passing very tense situation. World wide war and war specially in middle east, it is in critical position. We hope top leader of the respective country will love their own country people like st Valentine.
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