Monday, February 20, 2012

International Mother Language Day

Language day is a historic day for Bangladesh. There is no history about fighting for language around the world. But it happened in Dhaka, Bangladesh. In 1952 Salam, Barkat, Rafik and some other young men were killed on Pakistani Junta's firing game in 1952. From then every year Bangladesh Government has been celebrating language day on 21st February in Bangladesh.

After partition India and Pakistan  became independent from British in 1947. Bangladesh was a part of Pakistan. From the beginning, Pakistan had negative vision on east Pakistan. They thought India can attack on East Pakistan at any time. They did not respect people of this reason, Like a fool they were trying to force Bangladeshi to speak Urdu rather than mother tongue.

Mr  Md Ali Jinnah declared that Urdu will be the only state language of Bangladesh. This was a great mistake of Pakistan in 1952. They were trying to pass a law about state language in 21st February in 1952.  To protest against it Salam Barkat and some others were leading a protest rally near Dhaka Medical College.

At that time language soldier Salam , Barkat and Rafik were killed on the spot. It was the 21st February in 1952. It is called mother language day. 21st February is proclaimed by UNESCO in November 1999 as a International Mother Language day.  From then this day has been celebrating worldwide as a International language day.

What is significant of the Language day?
This day is the proud of Bangladeshi people. This day teaches the nation and the world how to respect mother and her language. This is our freedom to talk in mother tongue. Nobody can resist it. This 21 February reminds us about brutality of Pakistani Junta.

 In this day World should hate Pakistani previous Government simultaneously with Bangladesh people. If the world can do it, then the celebration of Language day will be meaningful and successful. On the Other hand if BD government should take effective steps to implement Bangla Language in various sectors with more attention then this February 21st will be honored propely. as a International Language day.