Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dhaka Stock Exchange Online Trading

Dhaka Stock Exchange is the first stock exchange of Bangladesh. April 28,1954 it started its journey. In the beginning it was called East Pakistan Stock Exchange, later it was named as Dacca Stock Exchange Ltd. in 1964. During the liberation war and after 1971 it was closed almost five years. In 1976 activities were restarted of Dhaka Stock Exchange.
in 1993 all share price was indexed according to IFC rule. The automated business acitivity was started in January 1, 2001. Central depository system was initiated in January 24, 2004. In 2010 it gathered 4148 points. In first quarter of 2011 DSE arrived to 8500 points and finally it was crashed it. Hundreds of thousands of young investors lost their money due to sudden crash of of share price of Dhaka stock exchange.
Around 750 Companies are the member of this top Financial Organization in the country. Until August 2010 its market capitalization was $50.28 billion.