Monday, February 20, 2012

Call Bangladesh

How to Call Bangladesh ?
Call bangladesh is easy from various countries around the world.If you are calling Bangladesh from USA and Canada, then follow the following four steps: If you are staying another country instead USA and Canada, then first know your country's outgoing code and follow the following steps to make call Bangladesh
For Landphone
  • Dial 011
  • Dial 880
  • City Area code( for Dhaka 2, Chittagong 31, Sylhet 821)
  • Phone number
For Cell Phone
  • 011
  • 880
  • 1
  • Last ten digit of your cell nuber.
Before international call was expensive but now using internet and VOip technology it is much more easy and cheap to make International call. Many international calling cards are available to call Bangladesh. You can find it from online easily.
How to get calling card?
Simply type the calling card or international calling card in google search box, you will get many calling card sites. then buy one which one is cheaper and affordable. There are many cards sellers but calling quality is not same. The poor voice  quality and sudden call break are two major problems of International calling card. So, before buying yours one ask first the seller which one is the best calling card to make call to Bangladesh.