Wednesday, January 18, 2012

School in Dhaka

Dhaka is one of the most populated city in the world. Demand of of everything are rising daily. Like others the demand of school is also growing tremendously. Comparing with people's demand government facilities are very limited. Government is doing nothing to build new schools in Dhaka.

Schools in Dhaka are not enough. To take this opportunity many greedy businessman are coming in this industry to build up new school or kg school in dhaka. They are taking high admission fees from guardian. After getting admission one's kid into school tuition fees and coaching fees are another big burden on guardian. So, it is great concern to many guardians about schools in Dhaka.

Rifles Pulic school & College, Vikarunnesa noon school, Monipuri High School, Motijheel Ideal School, Government Labratory school, Engineering University School, Residential model school and college, Rajuk school and college are the top school in dhaka.

Several thousand students may take admission on those schools. Rest of the children have to read in other private school. It's difficult to many to continue his child 's study without coaching. So, a guardian have to pay several thousands taka on a primary school going kid.

Day by day it's going to difficult to many guardian to provide his kid good caring in lesson due to huge expenditure in education. To build up educated Bangladesh Government will have to think newly to build up new government school all over the country and in Dhaka.