Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hotel in Dhaka

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Dhaka is going to be transit point like Bangkok, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur for business. A lot of foreigners come here to doing business with Dhaka everyday. To meet accommodation demand for foreigners a lot of hotels has been built up inside Dhaka.

Hotel Sonargaon, Ruposhi Bangla, Hotel The La Vinci, Sundarban hotel, Parjatan Hotel, Hotel Purbani, Asia pacific blossom, Dhaka regency hotel, Radission blu, Westin Dhaka Hotel, Washington hotel, hotel shirina are the most popular among others. Though the five star hotels are few inside Dhaka but many small and medium size motel has been built up in Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara area.

In Nababpur area a lot of low cost hotels are available. Foreigners and local tourist can stay there for cheap rate. Without nawabpur area, firmgate, Kamlapur, Fakirapul are also famous for small and medium size hotels in Dhaka.

So, travel to Dhaka is not expensive for low income foreign tourists. Easily they can go to those above mentioned area to find a suitable room. Most of those hotel and motels has all kinds of facilities including all kinds of security. Most of the hotel manager can speak English too. So communication is not a problem for tourist.

Hotels in Dhaka is very cheap than any other cities like New Delhi, Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur etc. Foreigner can pass their leisure time easily in Bangladesh. Specially in winter season can be passed here in Bangladesh without any hassle or heavy cost.

How can you get hotel address or contact? To get hotels details simply go to any search engine like Google, Yahoo or Msn and type the above mentioned hotel name with including Dhaka, then you will get details about the hotel in Dhaka. You can also book your hotel from online too, just visit book  bangladesh hotel

People of Bangladesh is very friendly. They know how to respect the foreign guests. Their minds are also fill with very softness and mercy. Bangladesh is a muslim country so all foods are halal here in Dhaka hotel.

Though it is some inconvenience for pig fonder but it is good for beef, mutton and chicken lovers. So, hotel in Dhaka Bangladesh is very congenial for Muslim tourists around the world. Read More