Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bangladesh Econmy is Disrupted by Strike

Bangladesh is a small country in south Asia. After obtaining independence from Pakistan in 16 December of 1971 the country has been facing political unrest continuously. Strike is a regular well known tactic and culture in Bangladesh.

Recent strike is called by opposition party BNP and its ally to protest against government to stop constitutional amendment. According this amendment it will demolish a fifteen year old requirement that general elections be overseen by a nonpartisan caretaker government after the end of power of five-year term.

Pakistan is known as a terrorist country worldwide. On the other-hand Bangladesh is peaceful country. Bangladeshi people are polite and calm than any other nation in the world. Due to existence of Pakistani dirty political culture inside of some elite group and political parties the country has been struggling to gain political stability.

Real practice of democracy is not present here. All political party are busy to build up their own party not country. Sheikh Hasina and its party is not far from it. This rulling party is busy to empowering its own party rather than the country's overall development.

Government should take public opinion directly. Member of parliament's opinion is not enough to amend any sensitive bill. Because most of the MP are blind followers of their own party. So, we cannot measure public opinion through member of parliament.

So, to protect opposition's strike, vote is real solution of any major amendment. I think both the government and opposition parties should come to a conclusion. They should think about the country not the party.

As a common and nonalignment citizen we want country's economic growth. We do not want to see any more strike or any more military coup in this country. We want to see poverty free Bangladesh.