Tuesday, June 14, 2011

GP Internet Sim Akota Review

GP Internet has introduced a new package for small and medium size organization. It is a good step for SME organization. But the service of akota package is very bad. You cannot do anything by using this internet package.

Few months ago I started to use a akota package but the service is very bad. speed is very low and every five minutes interval the line automatically be disconnected. You cannot do any professional job from this package.

Several times I complained to gp authority but no response from that complain. More than a month ago I complained three times to Internet section of gp through 121 service. gp customer service told me somebody will call you.

It is passing more than 45 days but no gp internet representative call me. So, there is no solution of this akota package. I think I have just wasted my money by purchasing gp Internet.

Grameen phone is not responsing to it's clients and subscribers. After raising in a top position the company has been neglecting it's subscriber's inconveniences. They have reduced their customer service too.

So, if you are thinking to purchase a akota package I will suggest not to by any gp internet modem or gp internet sim. Because their service is very worse. The speed is very very slow and the major problem is very frequently the line is cut.

Better you can try other operator's package like banglalion, airtel, or bangla link. From my experience I will suggest not to use gp internet specially akota gp internet.