Friday, April 8, 2011

Secondary School Student's Health is a great concern in Dhaka

Health is wealth. School is a place where a student's life is buildup. Without study a student can participate sports, debate, cultural ceremony, scouting and others in school. With all of those activities they can learn about their health from the school.

It is a great concern for student and guardian in Bangladesh about health risk in school. Lack of Cleanliness and grassless playground are two major facotors which are badly effecting on student's health. Many schools have no grassy field and cleanliness environment for student.

Government Secondary schools like Tejgaon Govt high school, Dhanmondi govt high school are in top position in this risk. There are no enough cleaners to sweep the calss rom and barandah. So students have to attend class in dirty environment.

Another big point of health issue is grassless field in the school. When students move to attend in assembly and go to play in the field, then huge dust begin to fly and enter to student's lung through nose and mouth.

Huge number of dust can affect on student's health. They can be attacked by various diseases like breath problem, asthma, lung cancer or others. These types of diseases are silent killing germ of student.

How to get rid of these risk?
This problem is very serious in government school. So, government should have take proper steps to remove these serious problems from the educational institution. Govt can order school authority to plant grass on the field in the long vacation period like ramadhan. After planting they will take care of it.

Secondly Government should employ necessary clearer to clean the classroom regularly or School authority can make student group from the school to clean classrooms and school campus timely.

Students are the future leader of a country. We want good health of student with good learning. To buildup a strong nation we need good leader. All of these leaders come from various school. Government and school authority will must think about student's health with education.

In this regard the respective school authority and ministry of education will must take plan and implement all those plan into action. For development of school's environment it should be an urgent task to make a grassy field and clean classrom in the school. These two imporant issues will have good impact on student health.