Friday, December 24, 2010

BD Internet Review

Internet connection is the most important thing to keep connect with the  world. Without net you cannot access to online or anybody's website. You cannot imagine connect with latest information and news without internet. You cannot do  any online job without internet connection.

The world is  running so fast. To get faster and speedier information it is an important factor of internet. If you have high speed internet connection, then you can download or upload any text, audio or video file easily and shortly. You can browse internet more fastly.

Bangladesh is still running with backdated internet connection. Mobile phone carriers are providing very poor internet connection to it's subscriber. Their internet connection is based on EDGE technology. On the other-hand the world is running with 4g technoogy based  internet connection.

Japan, Korea, America and Western European country's people are enjoying high speed internet connection. They are enjoying their life more comfortably. Due to lack of  proper plan and principle of respecting governments sector we are so back yet.

Bangladeshi's economy is very poor. Due to financial distress condtion a computer literate young man or woman cannot take high  speed internet connection facilities. By spending taka 1000 you can expect very poor and slow bd online connection from mobile phone operators or broadband agent in Bangladesh.

 Broadband connection or bd online provider also provide slow connection for taka 1000. So, it is a matter of frustration that we are deprived to get high speed internet connection facilites from the government and private mobile phone operator or  any other third parties isp provider.

After spending 1000 taka you can expect download speed only 20-30 kbps from broadband agent and 8-10 kbps from  mobile phone operators. This is really very poor speed. You cannot do any professional job.

Another bad things of broadband connection in Bangladesh is disruption of line. Minimum few days you have to stay without internet connection though you are monthly subscriber. So, you cannot trust any broadband agent about your uninterrupted connection of  internet.

From my last year experience of using broadband connection I can say you that I am not satisfied on broadband agent. They did not serve me properly. Probably this is the figure  of whole Bangladesh. Many users are feeling bothering from those unskilled and careless broadband agent in their local area about internet.

The major  problem of Broadband connection  or internet bd is sudden stop of line. Without  information they unplug or disconnect the line. After twelve am there is no communication until next day 10 am. This type of service will  really frustrate you.

Now government is singing about digital Bangladesh. But my question is without providing high  speed internet connection to the people for chief price how they will implement their slogan in real life?

As a internet user I will suggest Government, please take survey from the internet subscribers and try to resolve all of the problems from this sector. Help them to use internet to be self sufficient in their professional field.

Do not try to do  business with the common people. Let them opportunity to use internet  by providing cheap and low cost internet connection to build up their carrier in this  information  based technology.

Finally we will expect from Government that they will take proper and necessary steps to provide easy home and mobile phone based internet.