Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Street Tips in Dhaka

Dhaka is a big city. With the extension of its radius people and criminal activities are also growing rapidly. Daily various kinds of unexpected accident are happening in this mega city. Some of them  are coming out in the newspaper or online newspaper and some of them not. However there is no substitute to keep eyes open on these incidents in Dhaka.

Dear online viewers I have gathered several bitter experiences in this city. I got a great loss too. I have lost hundreds of thouands of money in the city of Dhaka.So, to keep far yourself from these kind of losses or accidents please follow the following  tips and tricks on the street of Dhaka.
  • keep cng, ricksha or taxi number before riding.
  • Do not travel alone with valuable belonging.
  • Do not keep your valuable things at back-parts of cng or taxi.
  • Before going out check the the vehicle again.
  • Do not be emotional in the road.
  • Do not get down from rickshaw leaving your things.
  • Try to avoid night journey.s
  • Do not carry huge cash money alone on vehicle.