Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Review GP Internet

Grameeenphone is one of the top mobile carrier in Bangladesh. With mobile connection the company is also providing the Internet connection. You can use this connection in your mobile phone, pc, laptop, netbook or in notebook. They have various internet packages(p1-p6). All of them have some limitations and restriction to use.

Recently I have activated a p3 package. This package is open for 12am to 8am. Monthly charge 300+vat. Though this is for eight hours only but it is opened for 24 hours. The disadvantages of this package is that there is no scope to keep stop for another 16 hours. That means it is high risky to use. If you use this package without certain-ed period it can cost you a lot. So, there is no security of your bill.

I already talked with customer relation officer with Mr Monirul at 11.15 pm on 23-11-10. He told me that there is no option to keep close for another 16 hours. In this regard I am expecting from grameen phone internet section that they will add a option to keep close this package before 12am and after 8am.

This package really frustrated me. From 22nd Nov 2010 I activated this package P3. But just after 9 days GP stopped my connection to browse. I asked the customer relation officer why my connection has stopped? He told me that my due is over 300 taka.

I was astonished how is it possible? To activate I paid 420 taka on 22nd of November 2010. I used only after 12 am until 8am. So, how my balance can be finished just for 9 days? In my knowledge I used it extra one and half hour of my scheduled time of the p3.

Just for one and half hour can my balance be ended? I cannot imagine. I think something wrong in their billing software. Or GP's internet packages are fake. I cannot believe their packages.

Another wonderful thing is that though this is post paid package so, they cannot stop it suddenly. Though the package is post paid but they are treating it as a prepaid. I think they are cheating with its customer.

As a Internet user I will suggest you do no use gp internet package. You will be over billed, you will be disconnected any time without information from Grameen phone.

Final opinion: As a night package it should be more speedy. But I am not satisfied on this package. Very slow. You cannot do any professional job like data entry, home work or work at home based job by this p3 gp internet package.