Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Who are Responsible for Electricity Shortage in Bangladesh?

Electricity shortage is a great problem in Bangladesh. All kinds of people from various professions are badly affected due to power shortage. Computer professionals, businessmen, shop keepers, industrialists and all others are affected from this power shortage. Country’s overall economic situation has been destroyed seriously in Bangladesh.

This situation has not created in a day. From the beginning of creation of Bangladesh all elite groups, Governments planner, decision maker, Ministry of power and energy, Ministry of planning, secretaries, PDB staffs, member of parliament all of them are responsible for this present crisis. From the beginning they did not take proper plan or implement enough electricity projects.

Above mentioned departments and personnel did not care this sensitive and serious issue. They did not do their duty properly.. Obviously they have showed negligence in their duties. Definitely they are criminals and enemy of common people. We disregard and hate all of them who are responsible for this electricity crisis.

Now it is time for present government to solve this problem seriously and rapidly. Simultaneously they should think about next 100 years. They should assure about production of enough electricity for the next generation.

We are facing limitless problem. Almost 12 hours people have to live without electricity. People do not want to see this same situation for our next generation. Government, especially Member of Parliament should pass a special law in these circumstances. This electricity law will not be abandoned by other political parties. Everybody will respect those passed laws. Respected all groups and personnel will try heart and soul to implement of those electricity projects.

People are facing unlimited problems due to electricity shortages. Gradually the country is becoming poor to poorer. The country is losing it’s GDP and GNP. Bangladeshi people are very pationable. They are tolerating a lot of Governments fault but no more. People do not want to stay back like primitive age.

In this modern age electricity is a fundamental item to live on. Without electric power the world becomes paralyze. Like other sectors industrial sectors lose more. Exporter cannot fulfill their orders. Exporters lose their foreign buyers. Workers in these sectors lose their jobs. So, unemployment stands as a mysterious problem in the society.

We are criticizing all of them who are connected to creating this problem. Who did not take enough electric projects and implement those. They should ask pardon to people. From Sheikh Muzib to Sheikh Hasina and in the middle of all governments are responsible for this electric crisis. People of Bangladesh do not want to see this  kind of problem in future.

There is a ending point of this situation. When people will lose their patient, then another revolution can be occurred. People will start to take revenge from all of those culprits who are living on people’s struggle earned money but they are not respecting people’s demand and they are not doing their duties properly.

So, from now all of decision makers, scientists, implementers and all other related sectors of electricity should be alerted. From now they should take proper plans and projects. They should implement those projects without any negligence and bribery attitude.

They should strengthen their trust on God. They should love people. They should be more patriots. There is no doubt that if they can really do this Bangladesh will be self sufficient in production of electricity. We will not have any more of electricity shortage in Bangladesh.