Friday, September 10, 2010

Earth Quake Hits Dhaka

Earth quake is a natural calamity. Today(10-09-2010) night at 11.30 a strong earthquake hit on Dhaka city. Here in Zatra bari area the northern part of Dhaka city earth quake is felt very strongly. This devastating natural calamity made frightened of Dhaka dwellers. People starts to coming out from inside the building to escape from earth quake.

Actually Bangladeshi people are more religious than other parts of the world.God is very kind on Bangladeshi people. Many times earth quake hits in this country but all of them were very weak. So, there is no huge casualty or devastating history of earth quake in Bangladesh.

Finally we appreciate God for his mercy to us. We are safe from earth quake this time too.

After a month of fasting people of Bangladesh are preparing to celebrate the most magnificent and religious holiday of Eid-ul-Fitre tomorrow. At that time such kind of unexpected natural calamity could bring groaning and depression of Bangladeshi people.

Bangladesh has no any housing plan all over Dhaka city. Like other parts, old Dhaka is more risky area. Most of the building are very old and the roads are also very narrow. If anything happens it will very difficult for Bangladesh to rescue the victims from the devastating situation like earth quake.

So, from now Bangladesh Govt should think about housing plan. To develop living standard of the people, govt should employ contractor to implement housing project in a certain region.

Many developers are developing land and selling them to the public. But this is not fair housing policy. Government should pass the law for developer to make same quality and same heighten building for the specific region. In that plan roads, water, gas, electricity, sewerage and all other necessary item will be built simultaneously.

Still now it is seen in luxurious area like DOHS, Banani, Gulshan, that somebody are making house though most of that area was built in previous time. House owners are keeping sand, cement rod on the roads. So, people of that area are feeling inconveniences to walk on the road. Not only that it is polluting the whole environment.

To present good living environment Govt should implement nice housing policy. It will also help to decrease casualties and loses during the natural calamity like earth quake.