Saturday, August 21, 2010

Overbridges in Dhaka

Bangladesh govt is showing negligence to do his responsibilities in many sectors. Over bridge is a safe way  to cross roads. Dhaka is a over populated city in the world. There is not enough buses, taxis, CNG in transportation system. For safe road crossing there is not enough over bridges or underpass in Dhaka. Though recently some over bridges have been made but due to lac of maintenance most of them are dusty and dirty.

People feel very uneasy and uncomfortable to use those bridges. After built up no DCC staff or cleaner come to clean those bridges. No DCC supervisor came to inspect those over bridge ever.

DCC is the chief authority to maintain all of those bridges. but it is a matter of frustration that continuously Dhaka city corporation is showing negligence to do their duty properly. They are not respecting common people's feeling. They never think about cleanliness of streets and over bridges in city area.

We are expecting necessary steps and action from related ministry to take care all of those over bridges regularly. Simultaneously they should throw garbage from dustbin of the street timely and daily. If they fail to do this important and sensation job the people's faith on goverment will lose gradually.

In this respect   as city dweller we will request prime minister to instruct those related authorities to do their job properly. Roads, over bridges, underpass, flyover, telephone booth, dustbin, footpaths, and overall cleanliness of Dhaka are the mirror of government's activity.

Like other bridges Zatrabari and  Mirpur-1 over bridges are covered with 2-3 inches dust and rubbish. Ij you tremble on these bridges it will be cleared that no dhaka city corporation cleaners ever sweeped those bridges after built.

People can assume about government easily by seeing those items in the street. There is no scope to escape from those problems. If the govt want to increase their popularity and want to stay in public's heart , then they must care all of these problems.

Democracy assures rights of all. But in Dhaka city at many areas city dwellers have been suffering from various problems in the city. They cannot walk in the street due to illegal footpath business, dirty environment in the street, dusty over bridge, cable jam on the head and many more disadvantages.

As a  Dhaka dwellers we expect Government will take necessary action to improve all of those public facilities in the street. Every year hundreds of millions of  dollars are spent for city corporation. Those are people's money not  government's parents money. So, govt should assure the proper utilization of public money otherwise Bangladesh govt will be introduced as a traitor not patriot.