Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Are Bus Passengers In Dhaka?

Transportation is a big problem in Dhaka city. There is not enough bus, cng or other transport to move from here to there in Dhaka. People cannot travel on local buses. Morning, noon, afternoon and at night the local buses are always crowded. You have to travel in standing condition always inside the bus.
You cannot expect seat in the local bus not only that it is regular scenery of bus that many passengers are going by hanging the rod outside the bus. So, transportation system is very poor in Dhaka.

There is no rule of bus fare in
Dhaka too. Public are paying high fare to the bus owner. Though in Dhaka city there is 50-60 paisa per kilometer but almost in all cases bus contractor are taking two times or three times higher than legal fare in the bus.

General people are helpless in this sector. They are bound to pay higher money to travel by the bus. Public are dissatisfied on this case. No government activities are seen to remove the public satisfaction in this sector.

To remove disadvantages from this sector govt can take long term plan. Govt can follow Malaysia’s LRT, Mono rail or underground rail system in city area. To implement such kind of project govt should invite private sector or foreign investor to work with them.

Now it is urgent and important for Bangladesh Govt to take master plan to remove transportation crisis in Dhaka. We hope Govt are alert and serious in this issue.
City dwellers are enjoying much better facilities in many big cities in the world. As a Dhaka dweller we also want to consume those developed facilities in local transportation system in Dhaka.