Thursday, January 21, 2016

Consultation Center- LabAid- Review

Bangladesh is the country where people are dependent on private consultation center or private hospitals. Like others, LabAid is one of the largest doctor's consultation center in Dhaka. Doctors from different hospitals like PG Hospital, Dhaka Medical College, Sorwardi Hospital, Mohakhali Chest Hospitals etc gather there in the evening. But how people are satisfied on those consulting center?

How patients are getting services from those private hospitals? Is there any agent or community  to check their services?  Who will supervise them? I think only ministry of health can introduce any policy to know about their services for the patients.

How the patients are  satisfied on the consultant's services? As a patient I will say patients are 90% unsatisfied on the private clinic or hospitals or consulting services. If you ask why, then I will say the following things:

  • Communication gap between Doctors and Patients: When you call for a consultant's serial then call center operator will receive your call in LabAID Hospital. Number 10606. They allocate a time which is far gap between getting your real consulting time. EXAMPLE-MYSELF- Yesterday in the morning I called Labaid call center at 11 a.m. They provided me a serial 19 and tell me to go the LabAid Consulting center at 8 p.m. I arrived there with my son at 7.30 pm. But I got opportunity with doctor Mr Saidul Islam (room no 251) at 10.15 p.m. Almost I had to wait there 3 hrs. Can you imagine how low standard of the services of LABAID and Doctor for the patient? My son is the SSC examinee. Only few days are rest to start exam. I was exhausted to waiting there. My son was also so surprised to see the time management system of the hospitals and doctors. It is a kind of oppressed by the consultant and by the hospital. This incident really shocked me. I asked the consultant about the issue. He could not reply of my question and dissatisfaction toward him. 
  • Management Problem: The management should care about the patients feeling and feedback but the present status shows that the management is unaware about his responsibilities.
  • SOP: What should come in the SOP? Doctor or his appointed assistant will distribute the consulting time for the patients. Call center will not distribute the time. This record is very important for time management for the consultant. The consultant will be bound to obey those rules mentioned in the SOP(Standard Operating Procedure).
  • Consultant's Time Management: All consultants should have their timetable to see the patients. They should have schedule each hour how many patients they will see. According to their hourly plan patients will come to their chambers. This is the major problem for hospitals and consultants. Very usually it is seen in the evening that consultation center is a wet market. Huge number of people are gathering in-front of consultation centers. Due to proper time management it is happening. It is making patients frustrated and angry with the doctors. Some professors follow this guideline. They see only limited patients for a certain time. Another all professors, associate professors and assistant professors should follow their principles.
LAB AID authority should create a standard operating procedure (SOP) about consulting services for the outdoor patients. After introducing it they should inspect it or supervise it and review  how doctors are following their SOP. They will keep record and several months interval they will evaluate it. The inspection team will take interview of the patients. They will keep record of those interviews and in Management Review Meeting the top management will review that record and data. After review the authority will take action if any mismatched something is found against their SOP. As a corrective action they should take action against doctors. At the same time the authority can create awareness among the patients.

What is the guideline for the Hospitals Authority?

To exist in the business the authority should care about the patients feedback. To develop consulting services as well as other processes they should implement ISO guideline by adopting ISO Certificate. I think the company is already ISO 9001 certified but the company is not implementing ISO 9001 requirements properly. Customer satisfaction i.e patients satisfaction is important and focal point of ISO Certified company. So, the certificate may be suspended if the authority continue their worse service for the patients in Bangladesh.